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July 17, 2011


I am an asshole. Sometimes incoherent and prone to idiotic slurs. I scratch myself in inappropriate places, at inappropriate times, around inappropriate people. I feel shaving is a futile effort against protein synthesis, natural enzymes, and a healthy ability to process vitamins. I’m not going to ever leave the table to powder my nose. I’ll […]

The Pompiscity of Poetry

April 4, 2011


The teacher watches over his students, a captain leading his ship crew through the turbulent seas of adolescents…  “Dead Poets Society” one of my all time favorite movie. This movie gave me  new hope and higher expectations. Poetry should be more than putting on “airs” , it should be about communicating through art, breaking the […]

I don’t treat men like meat, probably because I’m a Vegetarian.

April 1, 2011


“I don’t treat men like meat, probably because I’m a Vegetarian.” She’s talking about him. “His hair is so soft, what a lean build, and he’s very-very athletic.” She gushes. “But his hair isn’t the right colour, and he’s too short, and all he talks about is sports.” She rolls her eyes, sighing dramatically once […]

If it ends in el-it’s an Angel

March 31, 2011


  I talked to him today, nothing new or unique. Together our laughter was unrefined, yet free. I do not love him, but could grow to do so. We are separated by barriers of what is-but isn’t.  His eyes are possessed by a sky in summer. He is beautiful; I do nothing to remind him […]